The paint brush and I aren’t inseparable friends. We do call on each other like acquaintances on occasion though. One such occasion was my first year in the UK. We lived in a little town in Kent, I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t have a car, my (then) fiancee was away from home an awful lot of the time due to work and my only entertainment was watching Footballers’ Wives (yes, really…) while eating a whole giant packet of Malteasers (yes, really…).

So I got bored. And I bought a canvas. And I bought some paint. And I bought a brush. Two brushes. I also found an occasion for which I wanted the painting for. Ian’s birthday. Perfect!

I thought and thought what to paint, when I remembered once he showed me Dire Straits’ Alchemy record cover. He always thought it was very cool and he loved the fact he could always find new things on the picture. I liked the picture too, very much.

This was all meant to be a surprise, so I used to hide the canvas under our bed when he came home. I’m surprised he never smelled the paint!! But, he didn’t.

(Please excuse the quality of the photo and the flash in the middle!! – I would have taken a nicer photo, but the picture is in storage and the camera is still with Ian – This is an old photo I took ages ago)

He loved it! Still loves it in fact, and I was really pleased with it too. The original was painted by an Australian painter, Brett Whiteley. Scroll down on the page linked to find the original.

Here are a few details:

See, what Ian meant? There’s just so much to look at!! There are little hidden things everywhere.

There’s lots that I’ve changed on the original. Actually, I should say, ‘the painting is my representation of how I saw it through our lives…’ But really, I did include a whole bunch of things that is us and it made Alchemy us.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aaron
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 20:02:43

    Really, really, like the sweet detail you’ve used for your own interpretations. Keep those creative juices flowing – don’t leave your paint brush in the box!!!


  2. asmalltowndad
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 21:10:09

    Very intriguing and fun to study. I hope you stick with it!


    • lalomino
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 13:30:38

      Oh my, thanks so much! This is a real compliment coming from you!!…I’ve just looked at your artwork! Wow!! Beautiful, beautiful!
      Thank you for stopping by my blog too. It’s still very new and I appreciate the support! 🙂


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