I really really really must start taking photos of things I make! Already there have been really cool birthday cards and bits and bobs that I could have uploaded onto my lovely blog space, but I just haven’t fallen into the routine of it yet! Of course a super-duper-cool camera would certainly push me in the right direction… (hint, hint, in case anyone in the Lavey household reads this…)

While we were at my parents June/July this year (after moving out of our story-book-cottage) before moving back to the UK, I had many nights where I had nothing to do, so I started drawing a few designs. I got quite excited about a bunny I came up with so drew it up, found lovely material, cut it out, then dashed out into my parents’ barn to look for the sewing machine amongst the millions of packed up boxes and hey presto… I found it!! I was thrilled! I raced back into the house, threaded the machine, lined the fabric, looked for the cord…. yes… LOOKED for the cord… but did not FIND the cord!!! So away went the thread and the machine, back in the box, back in the barn, back amongst the millions of packed up boxes. Hummm…

But, where there’s will…. I hand stitched Ms Bunny instead. It took a bit longer than doing it with the machine, but as I said I had many nights which needed filling.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera with me, so the process wasn’t recorded. However this is the end result. I think she’s way cute.

She is made of lovely pale blue (and contrasting pink) linen fabric and is now a favourite of my daughter’s.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simplycreativeart
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 20:59:25

    Your bunny’s rosy cheeks would make anyone say “way cute”!!! So you have bunnies running around in your head then hey?! You absolutely have to make sure you take photos of all your stuff – I’d love to see how you make your dolls – ie design phase etc.


  2. do you mind if i knit
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 09:03:33

    Ms Bunny is gorgeous! And I love the way she’s posed, very jaunty and sassy. We’d all love to see photos of what you make, so do take photos, we’d love to see what you create. Love Vanessa xxx


    • lalomino
      Aug 23, 2010 @ 11:40:46

      Thanks Vanessa and Aaron! Once we’re settled in our own place again, I’ll get myself sorted and organised and will upload more photos. Can’t wait!!


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