Since the move

The movers were great. They arrived from Hungary and started offloading straight away! They stopped for lunch and cracked on! By evening time we were out of the massive lorry and in the little house! Boxes galore as you can imagine. And because we came back to a much smaller house the garage and the roof are absolutely full of boxes and bits and bobs that we cannot fit into the house.

Oh well… We did finish the painting though, which was quite a good achievement considering we only had about two days to do 3 rooms. The two of us that is. The lounge is now a combo of cookie dough and jasmine white. The study is apple green with cream and Max’s room is Azure sky with cream. Lovely.

We managed to sort all the furniture now and there aren’t any boxes in sight. (until you open the garage door… then… watch out!) And it’s a funny feeling, but it feels as though we have never left. Like the 2 and a half years never really existed only in a dream. Maybe it’s because we moved back to the same house.

Max has started school and it really is a great little school. It’s a village school and as such there’s a close community of parents and teachers. Max is handling it better than he did kindergarden but he’s still not that keen. Ian and I were just saying the other day that we hope he won’t always dislike school. You know? You have people who just hate school all their young life. I always liked school. Even when I hated it I liked it. I’m sure he’ll be fine though.

We’re also looking for a nursery school for Anabelle. I think she’ll go to the same one we had Max booked in for before we left the UK. It’s on a farm and the girl who runs it devotes her life to it and is fab! (according to my sis-in-law who was very good school friends with her) So that should be sorted, except it’s so popular because it’s so good, that we don’t have any morning spaces left, only afternoon… Better than nothing I guess.

I’ve stared my school also. So far I’m liking Children’s Literature. Even the essays we have to read! I’m actually enjoying it. Probably because I’m interested in the subject. That always helps…

Oh, I’ve also had a birthday in September and Ian had his two days after me. I attempted a cake for him…

It’s a Spitfire. Just in case it’s not obvious. What else really for a pilot-through-and-through?  It was strawberries and cream and it was gooooooooood!

What else… I’ve also coloured my hair. It’s now dark, so I should really change the profile picture… Note to self… And I do wish I had about 6 more hours in the day and about 60 times energy so I could do all the things I’d like. I really want to be better at updating this blog. You know, just in case anyone wonders onto Lalomino and I want to make time for my sewing so I can actually upload it here and start my Etsy shop…. Ugh… Really need to organise my time better.

And with that said, I need to go and read a few uni chapters for I have a class on Saturday.

See you soon!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 02:51:51

    I love reading your blog V. Good luck with your projects! ps your cake is FANTASTIC!


  2. simplycreativeart
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 19:52:35

    Your garage sounds abit like mine!!! But I bet yours is very neatly packed in boxes (with coloured stickers and arranged in size!). Your home made Spitfire cake looks sooooo sweet – a baker too hey? You should see my attempts at making a cake – nearly ruined my oven the last time!


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