So she’s done!


I just hope Zoe will like it!!

So, again, this was a Wee Wonderfuls pattern in Hillary’s lovely little book called….. yes, you guessed, Wee Wonderfuls! There are still plenty of adorable little things to make from the book and although so far I’ve only done one, I can say that it was very easy to follow. And I would highly recommend it!

One thing I would do differently next time though… I like to embroider the face before the head is stuffed. I find it easier to work with the fabric if I can turn it over. And it makes it neater too. For me anyways.

But this was the first time I made a little dress! How exciting!! And it worked!!! yay! Now to make it in 18-24 months size… Just blow the pattern up, right??

Ideally I would still need to make two more things out of my new fave book, for two more gorgeous little girlies. Let’s see, I have… how many?… 3 days left…

Chop, Chop!



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