Going, going, gone!



So we did manage to get to the Big Jet Plane and send off these three to three gorgeous little girls in New Zealand!

All three were made from patterns from the Wee Wonderful book I found a little while ago. I had to alter the Tag-Along-Doll a bit, as I didn’t have the required material. In fact instead of using mainly felt, I used about …. ummm… 5 different fabrics! Still, I think they’re cute. My favourite bit is still the cat’s shoes though.

I’ve been thinking about making something lovely for Anabelle’s Xmas present. I think I might mix and match a few patterns and come up with something just perfect for her! She is sooooo into cuddling soft toys at the moment. Did I tell you that the other day we were going out for a walk and Anabelle gathered all her little things she wanted to take along, as she normally does, including a camel, a teddy bear, my nighty and her breakfast plate. Yup, she loves to have her things around her aaaaaalllllll the time. She’s such a girl!


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