Wonders of the Library

We went to the library the other day. Both Max and Anabelle have library cards, but I think Anabelle is more interested in books than Max. Although he does like to listen to me read to him.

I love libraries. Always have. I remember when I was a child I thought there was magic about libraries. I loved the smell of the old books, actually I still do! I admit, I’m a book sniffer! There was a shelf right beside the door leading to another room full of books and on that shelf were books about Cowboys and Native Americans, Vinetu and the likes. I always wanted to sink my teeth into them, but somehow I never felt brave enough to borrow them. I still haven’t read them. But bravery is no longer the issue. I just don’t have the time. I will one day though.

So, back to the present … we were in our local lovely library. The children’s section here is just fantastic. Lots and lots of quality books, little tables with colouring pages and pencils, little chairs, a little reading snug, a big rug to lie down on, computers for the older children and it’s all colourful. We’re very lucky!

I was looking through the books to find a few for the children and picked out four. One was a toddler book for Anabelle and the other three for Max just caught my eye. It was only at the check-out that I realised that they all had something in common! By coincidence I picked out three books by the same author/illustrator!

Have you read Anthony Browne‘s books before? We have. For my uni course, one of the set books is a picture book by Anthony Browne called Voices in the Park. We read it and loved it instantly. Max loves it because there is a bit in it where a dog ‘sniffs’ another dog’s bum, and I love it because of the simple but meaningful story and the beautiful illustration which just perfectly backs the tale up.

I really really recommend it! In fact, now having read all of the books we checked out from the library, I would recommend all of them.

We wondered through the ‘loud books’ section as well and picked out Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Other Stories and Jill Tomlinson’s The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. I like popping these in the cd player in the car for the children (ok ok and me) to listen to.

The interesting thing about picking these two out was that on the way home I realised that lately I’ve been thinking about designing my own little fox and my own little owl to sew. So there may have been a little subconscious going on there! Watch this space!

And lastly I picked up a book on cupcakes. We’re into cupcakes at the moment… (my hips are screaming as I write this!) and look! The title is the same as my blog entry on cupcakes! Another coinkidinky!

The book is by Susannah Blake and it has some seriously yummy looking cupcakes!! This one seems appropriate at the moment:

Remember remember the 5th of November… (quote from V for Vendetta… great movie!) Guy Fawkes day. Fireworks galore here! I’ll blog about this in my next post though I think.


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