5th December Mikulas!

Mikulas has been to visit the Lavey children tonight!

Have you heard of Saint Nicholas? He is the original Santa Claus / Father Christmas, a Greacian Bishop who was known for his secret present giving to children who left their boots out for him.

Us Hungarians call him Mikulas and he visits our children during the night of the 5th December. In the evenings the children have to clean their boots and put them in the window and hope that they were good so Mikulas would fill them with lots of goodies. The goodies are normally chocolate Mikulas and other sweets packed in a red little bag.

When I was little, he always arrived on the evening of the 5th for us! I remember me and my sister hiding in the bathroom, very excited and waiting for the knock on the window! I was almost scared with excitement! We’d rush out and look in my bedroom’s window and the windowsill would be filled with red Mikulas bags! We’d pour everything out onto our beds and eat most of what was there! And funny enough we weren’t hyperactive either! Or at least I can’t remember that part. Maybe I should ask my mum…

So, this evening me and my dad had a plan (he’s been here on holiday for the past week).

(Max put all the shoes out and he wanted Mummy to get pressies too, so he put my shoes in the middle!)

I bathe the children while he puts the bags in the window, then sneaks outside and jingle Anabelle’s jingly musical instrument so it would sound like reindeer arriving. Max and Anabelle were sooooo excited!

Papa was a bit early though and Max’s head was still covered in shampoo foam, but still they jumped out of the bath, got wrapped in towels and rushed downstairs to find the window full of Mikulas’s presents.

My children stuffed themselves with chocolate too (just before bedtime) and you know what? Neither of them were hyperactive either! Must be in the genes!!

So, now we await Little Jesus on the evening of 24th and so we stay multi-cultured, Father Christmas on the morning of 25th. Goodness… Isn’t it great to be half Hungarian and half English??!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simplycreativeart
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 09:25:05

    Sounds like a tradition perpetuated for you Veronika. Lot of sweets and chocolate/ shoes on display??? (only joking) Ummmmm any Milka bars present by any chance?! Bet your neighbours are wondering why you’ve got shoes in the window! Great tradition though – I can see why you look forward to it!


  2. lalomino
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 19:50:02

    🙂 Shoes and chocolate Aaron, can’t go wrong really, now can we?!
    No Milkas, but Boci. Even nicer!


  3. Bogyay Éva
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 13:49:15

    Nem tudom, hogy emlékszele még, Gregó Nagymamád kedvenc Miulás versére, amit még az Ő édesanyjától Bodnár nagymamától tanult.
    Mikulás apóka, a világot járja,
    Sötétben lépeget, nincsen
    Lámpás nála.
    Oly sötét az utca, olyan mély
    Az árok.
    Ezüstös csillagok,
    gyújtsatok világot,
    Mikulás apóka sötétben ne járjon.
    Ez a verrsike jutott az eszembe a képről!


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