Car dreams

If you had the choice between a sports car, a luxury car or a pick up, what would you choose?

I know what Ian’s answer would be. Sports car. Definitely. He loves his sports cars. As does Max actually. I have two petrol head boys in the family!! And Anabelle is picking up on it too…

But it’s ok, because I love cars too. I don’t know much about them, but I appreciate them. The nice ones I mean. And to answer my own question. I would go for the pick up. Not just any kind of pick up. But something like this:

Isn’t it beautiful??

Truly dreamy.

Just look at that interior. Deep red with the grey exterior. Mmmm…….. I can so imagine myself sitting behind the wheel in the summer in denim shorts, a collared shirt, big sunglasses and red lippy, to pick the kids up from school.

We’d go shopping to town and we’d just chuck the bags in the back.

Dreams, dreams, dreams…. One day though!! I’ll have to start saving pretty smartly I think…

(these pictures were downloaded from here , this is Ian’s favourite website, Pistonheads)

And if you thought that was lovely, have a looksy at this baby:

I’m in love.

I’ve decided (for the 100th time!!) that I’ll start playing lotto!

Just look at that colour. Just look at those curves!!

(Piccies are from here)

In this one I can see myself in a little summer dress, still with the big sunnies and the red lippy. Kids in front with me, dog in the back with a picnic quilt that I made for the family and a huge picnic basket, with a lid because of said dog. We’re off to a beautiful spot of country side, next to a winding river with willow trees shadowing us over. Ian follows us in his TVR or the MG. The MG would be more appropriate I think. We’d have a fantastic time running around playing games, reading books, eating and joking about. I’d occasionally run up to my beautiful car and give it a cuddle and a little kiss.

One day…


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  1. simplycreativeart
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 22:27:25

    I never knew you were such a country gal (that’s what they say in the US isn’t it). Pick up vans, collared jeans and denim shorts, you’re making me weak at the knees! 😎 Only Americans could design a van with curves as good as that – the colour is pretty cool (US speak) too.


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