Happy Pancake Day! Happy Women’s Day!

What a great excuse to be able to eat yummy pancakes!

I’ve never ‘celebrated’ pancake day before, but our dinner consisting of nothing but delicious pancakes makes me think that we’ll carry on the tradition for many years to come!

Hipp hipp PANCAKES, hipp hipp PANCAKES!

Here they are, sizzling away. I made American pancakes (first time!!) for the children and me and European style for Ian. He likes to eat it the British way. Generous squeeze of lemon juice and sugar. I thought it weird when he first showed me, but yummm… I mean, yummmmm!

Still, I love the pancakes I grew up on the best. Rolled up and filled with my mum’s beautiful jam. Anabelle agreed with me. She had two of them herself!

But our American style pancakes were delicious too! So very very naughty, but so very very goooooood!

It is also International Women’s day, which I have forgotten about. This would not have happened if we still lived in Hungary, because there, the men remember Women’s Day and always, ALWAYS come home with flowers to celebrate us.

Every year my dad gives us girls flowers. My mum, my sister, her daughter, myself and Anabelle. I remember well when we were little girls, he never forgot.

But… this year I didn’t get any flowers.. Apparently it’s not a ‘big thing’ in the UK………

So here is some from me to all of you lovely ladies out there, because you are beautiful and smart and strong and funny and kind. Where would the world be without us? 🙂


See you soon.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kasey
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 15:05:07

    is that a huge ball of butter on those pancakes at the bottom;-)


    • lalomino
      Mar 11, 2011 @ 18:31:03

      Vanilla ice cream 🙂 But believe me, there were plenty of butter underneath the pancakes while they were sizzling away…. (shhh… don’t tell Jane, my fitness girl that! – Jane, you didn’t see aaaaaaanything…..)


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