Hello New Chapter!

And we have arrived to Herefordshire!

The last couple of months have been rather eventful!

We thought we were so prepared when we decided to send the children to Hungary for their spring holiday so, not only could they spend time with my family, but we could move houses/counties easier. Little did we know that Anabelle would get an awful infection behind her eye, that resulted in her ending up in hospital and hooked onto intravenous antibiotics. She was scheduled to stay in for two weeks, but my little battler thought better of it and responded so well to the treatment that I could fly back to Kent with her as planned. Sure Ian had to come to get the children too, because originally we thought Anabelle would have to stay in hospital for the two weeks, which would have meant me staying with her, which would have meant I couldn’t have done the move, which would have meant Ian was going to do it all on his own… Mind you, I was going to do it all on my own too, as Ian was supposed to work through the  move.

As it is, we were all in the UK when we exchanged / completed on the houses.

Oh, it was so exciting to get to the new house!

I drove the kids and myself (4 and a half hours!!) up a day early and stayed with friends. Ian came up on the day of completion after cleaning our old house in Kent and making sure we gave it over as we would have wanted to receive it. Little things like that make such a difference when you get your new house!

The next day the movers arrived but we haven’t heard from our solicitor to find out if the funds have been transferred. So after a little waiting around, we had the call and were told where the keys were hidden in the wood-store. We let ourselves in! Actually Ian carried me over the threshold. How romantic my darling husband is!

We are absolutely in love with the place. Not just our new house that is just perfect, but our garden, our paddocks and everything else surrounding us. Herefordshire is truly truly beautiful.

The pictures scattered around this post are flowers I have around the garden.

Pretty aren’t they?

And it’s crazy, but even the bad weather (yup some things don’t change..!) is so much more bearable here.

So now we’re planting our roots. We’re hoping they’ll grow deep and we’ll stay here happy for a long long time.

Time to make new friends and explore new places.

Oh and since we now have a garden time to bring out the BBQ!

xx for now.


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