Knocking walls through

Have I mentioned that I have a studio in our new house?

It’s ever so exciting!

I feel so very lucky that I can have a space of my own that I can get creative in and hopefully produce things that I can be proud of in the future. It isn’t small either! The room used to be a single garage, which later was converted into an office.

This is what it looked like when we were just viewing the house.

The yellow wall in the back is the garage door blocked off. The plan is to brick it up and put a window in, so I will have more light in the room. Eventually. Not priority at the moment, but it’s on the list.

To be honest, the room doesn’t look much different now.


Actually, there IS a big difference!! Can you see it? Yup, there is now a door through to the house!!

Our lovely neighbour, Dave was working on it all day and he’s done a smashing job so far. This door makes all the difference! The Studio is now connected to the house, which means we actually want to go into the room. Before, it just didn’t feel right having to go outside to go back inside into the Studio again. Plus one of the best things about my Studio is that it’s right next door to Ian’s study. (yes, he is repainting that purple!) I love being in the same space with Ian, so I don’t think that door will be shut very often! (none the less I will definitely have a door, just in case I DO want to be on my own for 10 minutes!!)

As you can see there’s lots to do before it will become a creative space to work in, but it will certainly get there soon!


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