Misty morning and a little mouse

You know how a lot of people associate fog and mist and rain with England? To be honest it’s not really true. We have lovely weather (sometimes)! In Kent we do anyways. But, yes, on occasion we do get the fog and the misty mornings. And you know what? I think it’s cool! There is a mystery to a misty morning. This was my morning view the other day and I couldn’t get enough of it! Well… I’m sure I’d have enough fairly quickly if it was like this every morning, but as it is, it isn’t every morning, so when it does mist over, I like to pretend it’s magical.

On another note. I said before that one of my weak points is boot sales. Love them! The hunt, the find the bargaining! Fabulous! The other weekend I went to a really really good one and look what I found:

I couldn’t resist her. A little old lady sold her. She hand made her of course. I thought Anabelle would love the little mouse (I was right) and I also thought of Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits! Julie makes adorable knitted animals like Miss Mouse here. She has a great blog going on there, that’s worth subscribing to.

That’s all for today folks!

Back in the Old Country… Hello England!

So everything is packed up and stored 1000 miles away. Except for us. We are back in the UK! And quite happy about it too.

Ok, so it’s a lot more expensive to live here than in Hungary (bag of sugar: £1 vs. .35p, hairdressers: £70 vs. £15 incl. tip). Ok, so the tax is awfully high. Ok, so the weather isn’t always at its best. Ok, so I hate driving on one-lane country-lanes. Ok, so we can’t afford our dream home here as house prices are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced! …. What was my point again?? Oh yes… We’re happy about being back. No, really.

It is actually quite refreshing to be in the cooler temperature as opposed to the 35-37C we’ve had in Hungary. And I have a lovely new car (care to guess what it is???) to be zooming around in on the country lanes.

There’s also a certain feel to English towns, that I love. I find the little villages or market towns very warm and inviting. I love the little boutique shops on the High Streets, and I adooooore Charity Shops!! Fantastic bargains waiting for me in every single one of them!! And you know what one of my absolute favourites is in the UK?? BOOT FAIRS!!! Oh man oh man I love them! Most Sundays there’d be one or two in the summer time (should I put summer in “…”? Probably should…Rainy cloudy chilly days don’t really count as summer days) So Most Sundays there’d be one or two in the “summer” time for me to rummage through. Now these are the real bargain bins. Max and Anabelle’s toy-table (lovely thing, I’ll show you once) is full of boot sale find toys. Seriously why pay £20-30 for a new thing, when you can get the same thing for 50p or £1?? Not to mention all the great material you can find! No, not just by the metre, but vintage clothes, with unusual patterns, that are like magnets to my pair of scissors! Oh, I can’t wait to start up my Etsy account and show the finds off to you, all recycled and with fresh new life sewn into them!

Me and my mother-in-law went to a lovely one today, that we both like lots. This is a real turn-out-boot-sale. People turn their attics out, rather than just dealers bringing their shop-stuff out. I spent my allowance pretty quickly and kept having to borrow money from “The Money’! Hey, at least I saved her a few pounds because she couldn’t spend it herself after I finished with it!! 🙂

I bought lots of lovely clothes for Anabelle. Kitted her autumn/winter wardrobe out actually. I bought an oil painting of a gorgeous flower still in a beautiful frame with its stand (£2 people, £2..) I bought loads of vintage sewing patterns. I bought a Spiderman action figure, a Spiderman duvet set, a Spiderman pair of wellies for Max. I bought Ian’s birthday present, which I loooove, but can’t tell you what it is, in case he reads this. He keeps pestering me to give it to him early. He’s terrible when it comes to getting presents early. Oh heck… who am i kidding??!! We’re both terrible when it comes to getting presents early!! We buy something for the other and can’t wait to make them happy with it and see their faces, so we often have 2 month early b-day pressies….

Where was I? Oh, yes, my buys. I bought two great books on sewing and embroidery (vintage) for hang on to your knickers… .25p!! Wrapping paper for next to nothing and a lady was selling her stock from their wool-shop and had beautiful balls of wool for teeenie-tiny money. Should I have had more money to play with by the time I got here, I would have bought a whole lot more… But as it is this is what I got.:So to wrap it up. It is great to be back in England, and no, not just for the Boot Sales (though they are a healthy part of it..!). It’s also lovely to be near the family over here and we’re really pleased about the children going to school here (this was pretty much the reason we moved back).

I miss my lovely Hungarian family though, but 2 hrs on a plane isn’t the end of the world, right?