Aww… Ian took the camera with him, so I won’t be able to take pictures of anything recent until after the 22nd of this month. But yaaay for back up photos on the Mac! (Yay for Macs for that matter! Aren’t they great? I was a pc girl till last year but I am now a converted Mac girl!)

You know how sometimes you wish you were so rich and famous (topped off with lovely loveliness of course) that a whole village would be named after you? Well… we’re neither famous nor rich (however we ARE lovely lovely!) but still have a village named after us! … ok, ok, so it’s not named after us per se, but how cool is this??

This gorgeous little village is in Switzerland. Ian and I drove across the Alps in May 2008 when we visited ‘Lavey’. The trip itself was absolutely fantastic. We drove topless… hang on I need to clarify this before this site becomes PG rated!… Ian has a beautiful veteran ’73 MGB, which is convertible. When we take the top of the MG off we call ourselves ‘topless’. There! … So we drove topless all the way through from the UK to Hungary as the weather was just wonderful. A bit chilly occasionally but not a cloud in the sky. It would have been a crime to put the top on really! We had proper panoramic views and …. I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! Great quality time too, it was!

Seriously, how beautiful is this? Or this?

Come to think of it, we do need to do it again, but the other way around! Hungary to the UK. Good… that means I get to take photos from the other side of the road too! 🙂