Merry Christmas

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very magical and merry Christmas! May you spend the holidays in happiness and love.

Kellemes Karacsonyi Unnepeket!




The Lavey Christmas Tree

Yes, yes, yes!! It’s up and looking pretty. Pretty full of decorations actually, but still definitely pretty. Our Christmas Tree certainly is not an Ikea Christmas Tree. Oh no. There’s all sorts of colours here Ladies and Gentlemen. Pinks with reds, greens with blues and even tinsel. Yes, I did allow Ian to put one THIN red piece of tinsel on the tree. He thinks they’re great…

We went to a local tree buying place after Max’s school finished and the four of us chose our tree. Ok, so Anabelle wasn’t really choosing. She was running around or crying because she wanted to be picked up. And Max wanted most of them. Ian had a few suggestions. Ok, so I chose! But at least both Ian and Max think they did the choosing. We’re clever like that, mummies and wives.

See the blue round thing above the train? It’s called Habkarika. It’s basically a meringue that’s made into a circle in all sorts of pastel colours, then stung up and hung on trees in Hungary. Or, in this case the UK. Kent, in fact. Yay for my gorgeous sister, who sent me a packet of them. I would have been rubbish at making perfect round shapes.

This little frog is one of my favourite decorations. I try to buy one new piece each year to add to the collection. We bought the prince last year.

I wasn’t sure if we should have a real tree or a fake tree this year. I looked it up on the net and read all sorts of pros and cons. Did you know that fake trees can have lead in them? Because of this and because you can’t recycle them and because they don’t have that lovely lovely Christmas Tree smell (and no, you can’t just spray pine smell around the house. It will smell like a loo!), we decided to go for a real tree. It’s a chopped tree, so it will have to be recycled after Christmas, but I’m now thinking we’ll invest in a larger potted one for next year. We’ll be able to reuse our own tree then.

HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Let me see this picture again:

GOLD TINSEL!! Sneaky, sneaky Ian! Seriously you give them your little finger and they want to bite off your whole arm!

Never mind. It’s Christmas. He can have his red AND gold tinsels. If it makes him happy. (cough… cough… tacky… cough, cough)

I took photos of decorations from around the house. I’ll put them on in the next post.