The first finished piece

One of Anabelle’s birthday presents the other day was a little knitted cardigan made by me. I started a little while ago and had to start again a couple of times when stitches just didn’t add up! But, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. It’s so therapeutic, and rewarding and very ‘more-ish’.

Here she is checking out what daddy is up to on his computer.

The front bit is meant to be short by the way. It isn’t her tummy that makes it roll up!

A little ballerina pose!

Not sure what she calls that move, but it works!

So my first proper experience with knitting was successful. I can’t wait to sink my teeth… or needles I should say into a new piece. I have a few balls of lovely blue yarn. Maybe I’ll find something to suit that! Now.. where is that pattern book of mine…


Baby shoes

One of the first things I ever made with my sewing machine was this little pair of shoes for Anabelle.

I followed a pattern, but I can’t remember which book it was from. Once we unpack all of our boxes and I get my ‘studio-bits’ out I’ll find it and post it.

I was so pleased when I finished with it and one wasn’t enormously bigger than the other. And the fact that her little feet actually fit the shoes was icing on the cake!

There’s a few things I’d do differently now, like thread leather into the soles so she wouldn’t slide easily and make it half a size bigger so she wouldn’t outgrow it in… umm… 5 days!!!!

Nope, she didn’t wear them for long… but I kept them of course and have put them in Anabelle’s keepsake box, so one day she can look through and find them and think she had the cutest little feet to be able to fit these tiny things and that her mummy loved her beyond belief!!

The Valentine’s Day post

I think there are mainly two extremes of opinion when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Most people seem to either hate it or love it. I’m sort of in between the two. We never did anything major for Valentine’s. We don’t follow the commercial side of the day, so there aren’t any red and pink balloons or expensive cards around the house on the 14th.

We don’t tend to go out for dinner either, because it’s just so very expensive. All restaurants seem to have a special menu that day, TWICE the price of their normal. Ok, maybe not twice, but definitely more expensive. So we stay at home and if anything cook a special meal at home. But most of the time we don’t bother with that either, just eat with the kids as usual.

I don’t say no to handmade gifts though that has a lot of thought put into them and truly came from the heart rather than a wallet/shop. The little book above was all handmade by me. I cut it, bound it, designed it, wrote it. Each page has ‘I love you’ written in different languages and why I love my husband so much.

The gist of it: he’s my missing half. Without him I would not be me. I would not be complete.

This box was another present I made Ian a few years back. It had a book in it, that I was aiming to write in every year with what we achieved that year.

This was that year. We got pregnant with Max! A special year, don’t you think?

Unfortunately after the second entry in the book, it sort of got forgotten… oh well… the thought was there!!

This box wasn’t actually for Valentine’s Day, but I made it because I love Ian all the time. I was going back to New Zealand from the UK to organise our wedding and I wanted to leave something for Ian that will remind him everyday how much I care for him and how much I look forward to our shared lives together. So on each page there’s a little love-note for each day until we got married.

Whether you think much of Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you have someone special in your life who loves you and who you love very much. And no, it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. It could be anyone special in your life. Just be thankful for them and love them everyday!



Yup, I’m still working on my first piece of proper knitting, Anabelle’s ballerina cardigan. I had sick children for weeks now as well as an essay to send out and house viewers knocking all the time. Those are my excuses why I haven’t finished yet.

And maybe the fact that I’ve done the front wrong. See the picture?

And see the stringy bit? Well that’s not supposed to be on this side. It’s meant to be on the other side, so it can actually be used as a tie.

Oh well…. I’ve taken it all off now and am busy redoing again, because I may well be going over to Jo’s tomorrow to do a couple hours of knitting. And this time without the children.


Paper cutting

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Elsa Mora’s main blog. She is a very lovely and terribly inspiring woman! She has five blogs all of which I visit regularly. If you haven’t wondered over yet, I think you should. Her dolls are fantastic and her paper cutting is just beautiful. Elsita has a really unique style that reflects on all her work and her wardrobe!! 🙂

Because of her paper cutting I thought I’d attempt something myself. Obviously it was quite inspired by her work, but my little first piece is nowhere near as beautiful. But you know what? I loved making it! It’s so therapeutic and fantastically fiddly!

I’ll soon be working on another one and I’ll post about it too after xmas. It’s going to be a pressie.

xx for now.


So she’s done!


I just hope Zoe will like it!!

So, again, this was a Wee Wonderfuls pattern in Hillary’s lovely little book called….. yes, you guessed, Wee Wonderfuls! There are still plenty of adorable little things to make from the book and although so far I’ve only done one, I can say that it was very easy to follow. And I would highly recommend it!

One thing I would do differently next time though… I like to embroider the face before the head is stuffed. I find it easier to work with the fabric if I can turn it over. And it makes it neater too. For me anyways.

But this was the first time I made a little dress! How exciting!! And it worked!!! yay! Now to make it in 18-24 months size… Just blow the pattern up, right??

Ideally I would still need to make two more things out of my new fave book, for two more gorgeous little girlies. Let’s see, I have… how many?… 3 days left…

Chop, Chop!


Race against time

It’s always so exciting to receive a new book. I love books. I also love sewing, so sewing books are always double exciting.

Here’s what I received in the post a couple of days ago:

I have recently discovered Hillary Lang’s blog, Wee Wonderfuls and loved the dolls she makes. So, of course when I spotted her book, I had to have a copy.

Just the right timing actually, as I need to make a little something for an adorable little girl called Zoe in New Zealand. It really needs to be done yesterday, but because I was down with tonsillitis for a week then had an essay due, I only just started!! Here’s what I’ve taken pictures of:

This is some of my sources. I love it that nothing in there matches until you have a project, and then you find just the right stuff!

Here’s a sneaky peak at what I’m making. This cat is just so cute! I adore her shoes!

I think this colour combo is really nice for her. I hope that my theory will prove right!

All drawn up!

All chopped up. It’s funny to think that when I first start tracing, I start off with nice writing and spelling out, like Body, Cut 2, Body Fabric and by the end I end of the millions of cut out, I end up with B, x2, BF.

So, i really hope I will finish by Saturday. It HAS to be finished by Saturday, otherwise it will miss the big jet plane that offered to fly it all the way to Auckland! So sew hands, seeeeeeeeeeewwwwww…….

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