(A pretty obvious) Hint


A Cricket Book

Isn’t it beautiful?

It was one of my Christmas presents from my dad. He knows me too well! I adore old children’s books, especially ones with beautiful illustrations, like this one here. It’s called Tucsok Toni, which translates to Tony Cricket. It’s written by Hungarian author, Maroti Lajos and the illustration is by Gozon Lajos.

The story is written in verse and is about this cricket that plays the violin beautifully then is taken away by a fairy princess, where he becomes a different cricket. No longer his old self, he cannot play the violin as beautiful anymore and is sent away from the palace, only to be found by one of his enemies who almost kills him. He’s then found by his family and his fiancee who nurse him better and encourage him to play his music again.

It’s a lovely book.

I find pictures like these so inspiring. They just take you away to another world!

I would just love to be able to sit down one day and just paint something like this. That would be fab. But I think I need an awful lot of practice before I come even close to Gozon Lajos’s level of talent.

Still, I can’t wait to have my own little studio and start trying.