A dolls house find!

I’ve been looking out for a dolls’ house for Anabelle for a while now. I didn’t want to get her a new one because a) it’s horribly expensive and b) isn’t it just much nicer when you have something that has its own history already?

Ian and I walked into town to the post office and decided to walk through town instead of taking the short cut on the way home. There are four charity shops in our little town and when I looked over to one of them I saw a big dolls’ house ‘waving’ to me through the window!

‘Ian, Dolls’ house!, Ian, Dolls’ house!!!’

We went, we saw, we bought!

Yay! I was so excited on the way home and was planning already how I was going to make it look lovely for Anabelle. Ian made a comment about how he’s not sure who was going to play with the house more… Honestly… what a comment to make!

The house is not in tip top condition, but in my mind that just makes it all the better, because we’ll get to make it our own.

I don’t actually know what period it’s meant to represent, or what country it’s from. The shop assistant thought it may be French. Any of you out there dolls’ house experts? I would love to find out more about it.

It isn’t actually as small as it may look like from the photos. To show you, I sat beside it.

See? Definitely big enough for a little girl to play with. (fine, fine, fine, and maybe her mum too!)

I’m so curious about what might have been around the front door. There are two holes there, so something must have been there. Any ideas?

These little windows actually open! For, you know, when we need to ummm… air the house!

The flooring and wallpapering will need to be done throughout. It’s all wired up, so Ian will have a look at the lighting in it and hopefully we can turn them on one day!

Isn’t this just the cutest light fitting you’ve seen? I can’t wait until we turn it on.

After taking these photos Ian and I got a bit carried away with taking photos and produced some ‘arty’ ones! Et voila:

Bonjour through the window there!

Let me in! Let me in! Where’s my ‘eat-me’ cake??

Ah! There you are! Now, I’m small enough to go through the house and find this!!:

Hahaha! Fab!

I’m hoping to do the house up by Christmas so Anabelle can have it as her ‘big’ present. We’ll see. It’s definitely an exciting project!


Pretty package

This year Ian bought Jo, one of my sister-in-law’s birthday present. It was a chain bottle holder. Don’t ask. Not pretty.

Jo was very gracious about receiving it though! They said it’s a ‘talking point’. Indeed it is. I don’t think in a ‘wow look at that it’s fabulous’ way, but never the less he tried and thought about his sister, which is nice.

Still, I thought I’d try to ‘pretty the present up’ a bit and wrapped it as nicely as I could with the few things I had lying about at home.

Amazing what a bit of tissue paper, a dolly, ribbon and a button can do to a box of chain…


Loving Spring

I thought I’d include a picture of this gorgeous tree we had in our previous garden, just because I feel springy! No, not boingy springy, but Spring is definitely in the air! We’ve had 4 that’s FOUR days of lovely weather in Kent, which is a BIG thing! At this time of year anyways.

We’re wearing t-shirts and just a little cardigan outside.

It really is amazing how the sunshine and a bit of warmth can uplift your mood and paint everything in a happy colour.

Max is enjoying being able to just be outside!

I looked out the window and there he was under his car fixing it with daddy’s tools. I thought it was just he cutest thing ever, so had to quickly take a snap of it.

I hope wherever you are you get to enjoy a bit of the sun too!


The first finished piece

One of Anabelle’s birthday presents the other day was a little knitted cardigan made by me. I started a little while ago and had to start again a couple of times when stitches just didn’t add up! But, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. It’s so therapeutic, and rewarding and very ‘more-ish’.

Here she is checking out what daddy is up to on his computer.

The front bit is meant to be short by the way. It isn’t her tummy that makes it roll up!

A little ballerina pose!

Not sure what she calls that move, but it works!

So my first proper experience with knitting was successful. I can’t wait to sink my teeth… or needles I should say into a new piece. I have a few balls of lovely blue yarn. Maybe I’ll find something to suit that! Now.. where is that pattern book of mine…

My little girl is 2

Two years can go by ever so quickly, can’t it? I can’t believe it’s been two years since Anabelle came into the world.

My gorgeous girl. She is the funniest, sweetest, cheekiest person I know!

Sure, besides gorgeousness, her Grego side also involves temper tantrums and stubbornness, but that makes her perfect to me!

I followed my mum’s cake recipe for her birthday cake and it was truly yummy, though not exactly as pretty as I hoped it was going to be.

Still, Anabelle had a lovely birthday celebrated by family close by and further away. She’s a lucky little girl. 🙂


Simple amusements

It’s funny how even the simples things can provide entertainment for little ones, when there’s not much else to do.

And paperclips are pretty simple. But, Max and Anabelle and I had fun making all sorts of shapes out of them.

Still… pour those clips in the drawer and bring on the good weather, that’s what I say!!!!!


Baby shoes

One of the first things I ever made with my sewing machine was this little pair of shoes for Anabelle.

I followed a pattern, but I can’t remember which book it was from. Once we unpack all of our boxes and I get my ‘studio-bits’ out I’ll find it and post it.

I was so pleased when I finished with it and one wasn’t enormously bigger than the other. And the fact that her little feet actually fit the shoes was icing on the cake!

There’s a few things I’d do differently now, like thread leather into the soles so she wouldn’t slide easily and make it half a size bigger so she wouldn’t outgrow it in… umm… 5 days!!!!

Nope, she didn’t wear them for long… but I kept them of course and have put them in Anabelle’s keepsake box, so one day she can look through and find them and think she had the cutest little feet to be able to fit these tiny things and that her mummy loved her beyond belief!!

The Valentine’s Day post

I think there are mainly two extremes of opinion when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Most people seem to either hate it or love it. I’m sort of in between the two. We never did anything major for Valentine’s. We don’t follow the commercial side of the day, so there aren’t any red and pink balloons or expensive cards around the house on the 14th.

We don’t tend to go out for dinner either, because it’s just so very expensive. All restaurants seem to have a special menu that day, TWICE the price of their normal. Ok, maybe not twice, but definitely more expensive. So we stay at home and if anything cook a special meal at home. But most of the time we don’t bother with that either, just eat with the kids as usual.

I don’t say no to handmade gifts though that has a lot of thought put into them and truly came from the heart rather than a wallet/shop. The little book above was all handmade by me. I cut it, bound it, designed it, wrote it. Each page has ‘I love you’ written in different languages and why I love my husband so much.

The gist of it: he’s my missing half. Without him I would not be me. I would not be complete.

This box was another present I made Ian a few years back. It had a book in it, that I was aiming to write in every year with what we achieved that year.

This was that year. We got pregnant with Max! A special year, don’t you think?

Unfortunately after the second entry in the book, it sort of got forgotten… oh well… the thought was there!!

This box wasn’t actually for Valentine’s Day, but I made it because I love Ian all the time. I was going back to New Zealand from the UK to organise our wedding and I wanted to leave something for Ian that will remind him everyday how much I care for him and how much I look forward to our shared lives together. So on each page there’s a little love-note for each day until we got married.

Whether you think much of Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you have someone special in your life who loves you and who you love very much. And no, it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. It could be anyone special in your life. Just be thankful for them and love them everyday!


Box of Frogs

Ian and I went out last night. Yes, we actually managed to go out for a couple of hours after the kids’ bedtime!! Yay for my mum!!!

We went to a local pub to see these guys. They’re called Box of Frogs and they’re very very good. Ok, I’m not just saying because the rock-chick in the pink is my sister-in-law Jo – remember? She’s my knitting buddy – but because they sound very good.

I want them to play at my 30th. (there’s a scary thought…)

Ian and I jigged about to music from Fleetwood Mac and Madness to Amy Winehouse and Razorlight and so much more. We had lots of fun!

This was the second time Ian saw them and he noticed a couple of groupies!! So who knows… Box of Frogs may well be the next BIG thing in Kent!

Car dreams

If you had the choice between a sports car, a luxury car or a pick up, what would you choose?

I know what Ian’s answer would be. Sports car. Definitely. He loves his sports cars. As does Max actually. I have two petrol head boys in the family!! And Anabelle is picking up on it too…

But it’s ok, because I love cars too. I don’t know much about them, but I appreciate them. The nice ones I mean. And to answer my own question. I would go for the pick up. Not just any kind of pick up. But something like this:

Isn’t it beautiful??

Truly dreamy.

Just look at that interior. Deep red with the grey exterior. Mmmm…….. I can so imagine myself sitting behind the wheel in the summer in denim shorts, a collared shirt, big sunglasses and red lippy, to pick the kids up from school.

We’d go shopping to town and we’d just chuck the bags in the back.

Dreams, dreams, dreams…. One day though!! I’ll have to start saving pretty smartly I think…

(these pictures were downloaded from here , this is Ian’s favourite website, Pistonheads)

And if you thought that was lovely, have a looksy at this baby:

I’m in love.

I’ve decided (for the 100th time!!) that I’ll start playing lotto!

Just look at that colour. Just look at those curves!!

(Piccies are from here)

In this one I can see myself in a little summer dress, still with the big sunnies and the red lippy. Kids in front with me, dog in the back with a picnic quilt that I made for the family and a huge picnic basket, with a lid because of said dog. We’re off to a beautiful spot of country side, next to a winding river with willow trees shadowing us over. Ian follows us in his TVR or the MG. The MG would be more appropriate I think. We’d have a fantastic time running around playing games, reading books, eating and joking about. I’d occasionally run up to my beautiful car and give it a cuddle and a little kiss.

One day…

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