The Valentine’s Day post

I think there are mainly two extremes of opinion when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Most people seem to either hate it or love it. I’m sort of in between the two. We never did anything major for Valentine’s. We don’t follow the commercial side of the day, so there aren’t any red and pink balloons or expensive cards around the house on the 14th.

We don’t tend to go out for dinner either, because it’s just so very expensive. All restaurants seem to have a special menu that day, TWICE the price of their normal. Ok, maybe not twice, but definitely more expensive. So we stay at home and if anything cook a special meal at home. But most of the time we don’t bother with that either, just eat with the kids as usual.

I don’t say no to handmade gifts though that has a lot of thought put into them and truly came from the heart rather than a wallet/shop. The little book above was all handmade by me. I cut it, bound it, designed it, wrote it. Each page has ‘I love you’ written in different languages and why I love my husband so much.

The gist of it: he’s my missing half. Without him I would not be me. I would not be complete.

This box was another present I made Ian a few years back. It had a book in it, that I was aiming to write in every year with what we achieved that year.

This was that year. We got pregnant with Max! A special year, don’t you think?

Unfortunately after the second entry in the book, it sort of got forgotten… oh well… the thought was there!!

This box wasn’t actually for Valentine’s Day, but I made it because I love Ian all the time. I was going back to New Zealand from the UK to organise our wedding and I wanted to leave something for Ian that will remind him everyday how much I care for him and how much I look forward to our shared lives together. So on each page there’s a little love-note for each day until we got married.

Whether you think much of Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you have someone special in your life who loves you and who you love very much. And no, it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. It could be anyone special in your life. Just be thankful for them and love them everyday!



Box of Frogs

Ian and I went out last night. Yes, we actually managed to go out for a couple of hours after the kids’ bedtime!! Yay for my mum!!!

We went to a local pub to see these guys. They’re called Box of Frogs and they’re very very good. Ok, I’m not just saying because the rock-chick in the pink is my sister-in-law Jo – remember? She’s my knitting buddy – but because they sound very good.

I want them to play at my 30th. (there’s a scary thought…)

Ian and I jigged about to music from Fleetwood Mac and Madness to Amy Winehouse and Razorlight and so much more. We had lots of fun!

This was the second time Ian saw them and he noticed a couple of groupies!! So who knows… Box of Frogs may well be the next BIG thing in Kent!

Car dreams

If you had the choice between a sports car, a luxury car or a pick up, what would you choose?

I know what Ian’s answer would be. Sports car. Definitely. He loves his sports cars. As does Max actually. I have two petrol head boys in the family!! And Anabelle is picking up on it too…

But it’s ok, because I love cars too. I don’t know much about them, but I appreciate them. The nice ones I mean. And to answer my own question. I would go for the pick up. Not just any kind of pick up. But something like this:

Isn’t it beautiful??

Truly dreamy.

Just look at that interior. Deep red with the grey exterior. Mmmm…….. I can so imagine myself sitting behind the wheel in the summer in denim shorts, a collared shirt, big sunglasses and red lippy, to pick the kids up from school.

We’d go shopping to town and we’d just chuck the bags in the back.

Dreams, dreams, dreams…. One day though!! I’ll have to start saving pretty smartly I think…

(these pictures were downloaded from here , this is Ian’s favourite website, Pistonheads)

And if you thought that was lovely, have a looksy at this baby:

I’m in love.

I’ve decided (for the 100th time!!) that I’ll start playing lotto!

Just look at that colour. Just look at those curves!!

(Piccies are from here)

In this one I can see myself in a little summer dress, still with the big sunnies and the red lippy. Kids in front with me, dog in the back with a picnic quilt that I made for the family and a huge picnic basket, with a lid because of said dog. We’re off to a beautiful spot of country side, next to a winding river with willow trees shadowing us over. Ian follows us in his TVR or the MG. The MG would be more appropriate I think. We’d have a fantastic time running around playing games, reading books, eating and joking about. I’d occasionally run up to my beautiful car and give it a cuddle and a little kiss.

One day…


I don’t know what is going on. My little family and I have not got out of the bug-scene since before Christmas. We’re just sick, sick, sick all the time. I am just climbing out of a horrid tummy-bug-episode and before that both Max and Anabelle had the same thing.

I’m beginning to think our immune systems aren’t strong enough. Maybe I’ll need to change our diets and include more fruit and veggies.

For now though, I thought some colour would cheer me up, so I’ll show you my lovely barrel of flowers that I used to have. It is now at my mum’s house, because it was just too bulky to bring over with us.

Come on spring!!

Our Hungarian House

From April 2008 until summer last year we lived in my home country, in Hungary. It was for several reasons really, but mainly so Max could go to kindie there and pick the language up (rather than just hearing it from me); to save money; and to be near my family. Then it came with the added benefits of lots of sunshine and being able to buy a house that we would never EVER be able to afford in the UK. Unless of course we win lotto or my non-existant terribly rich aunt leaves me millions of pounds. Ok, so our Hungarian house didn’t cost a million pounds. Not even close. But it was beautiful. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you.

And there you have it. A taste of what used to be ours. It really was a magical place with so much character. I hope the new owners of the house love it as much as we did!

Knit knit knit

My sister-in-law Jo is great at knitting. Her great grandmother taught her the basics when she was a little girl and she figured the rest out on her own. She’s made great little cardigans and jumpers and blankets for Max and Anabelle, so I thought… just the person to help me move on from my basic knowledge of knitting. And because she’s that sweet, she said ‘Sure thing!’.


So after breakfast today, we packed up. That is mostly Max packed up, because he had to take, his Spiderman suit, his Spiderman gun, his cross-bow and arrows, his Mitsubishi car and a book. Not that he played with any of it, as they were busy on the trampoline…. Never mind. I also had a little space in the bag for my knitting needles, some yarn and my Kids Knits book.

The funny thing is that I’m ever so excited about learning how to knit properly. As in, understanding the patterns and the jargon and knowing how to increase and decrease, etc. I just can’t wait to be able to make lovely hand made cardigans and jumpers and bits and pieces for the family.

My niece Rosie joined us too and she learned how to knit basic. So there we were, three girls, chatting away while busy with needles and yarn and eating cakes and muffins. Bliss…

Jo decided to do a tea-cozy.

And I was to try and make Anabelle her first ballerina cardigan. It actually went very well, until we measured it against Anabelle, and it’s about 2 or 3 sizes too big… Oh dear. So I’ll have to take it all off. But you know what? I don’t mind. Because I really liked doing it. And I loved being able to learn a few new things from Jo. There’s still plenty more to learn, so hopefully we’ll get to have another knitting-bee afternoons really soon. Until then, I will battle along on my own trying to make sense of pattern-talk.


The Lavey Christmas Tree

Yes, yes, yes!! It’s up and looking pretty. Pretty full of decorations actually, but still definitely pretty. Our Christmas Tree certainly is not an Ikea Christmas Tree. Oh no. There’s all sorts of colours here Ladies and Gentlemen. Pinks with reds, greens with blues and even tinsel. Yes, I did allow Ian to put one THIN red piece of tinsel on the tree. He thinks they’re great…

We went to a local tree buying place after Max’s school finished and the four of us chose our tree. Ok, so Anabelle wasn’t really choosing. She was running around or crying because she wanted to be picked up. And Max wanted most of them. Ian had a few suggestions. Ok, so I chose! But at least both Ian and Max think they did the choosing. We’re clever like that, mummies and wives.

See the blue round thing above the train? It’s called Habkarika. It’s basically a meringue that’s made into a circle in all sorts of pastel colours, then stung up and hung on trees in Hungary. Or, in this case the UK. Kent, in fact. Yay for my gorgeous sister, who sent me a packet of them. I would have been rubbish at making perfect round shapes.

This little frog is one of my favourite decorations. I try to buy one new piece each year to add to the collection. We bought the prince last year.

I wasn’t sure if we should have a real tree or a fake tree this year. I looked it up on the net and read all sorts of pros and cons. Did you know that fake trees can have lead in them? Because of this and because you can’t recycle them and because they don’t have that lovely lovely Christmas Tree smell (and no, you can’t just spray pine smell around the house. It will smell like a loo!), we decided to go for a real tree. It’s a chopped tree, so it will have to be recycled after Christmas, but I’m now thinking we’ll invest in a larger potted one for next year. We’ll be able to reuse our own tree then.

HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Let me see this picture again:

GOLD TINSEL!! Sneaky, sneaky Ian! Seriously you give them your little finger and they want to bite off your whole arm!

Never mind. It’s Christmas. He can have his red AND gold tinsels. If it makes him happy. (cough… cough… tacky… cough, cough)

I took photos of decorations from around the house. I’ll put them on in the next post.

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