The first finished piece

One of Anabelle’s birthday presents the other day was a little knitted cardigan made by me. I started a little while ago and had to start again a couple of times when stitches just didn’t add up! But, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. It’s so therapeutic, and rewarding and very ‘more-ish’.

Here she is checking out what daddy is up to on his computer.

The front bit is meant to be short by the way. It isn’t her tummy that makes it roll up!

A little ballerina pose!

Not sure what she calls that move, but it works!

So my first proper experience with knitting was successful. I can’t wait to sink my teeth… or needles I should say into a new piece. I have a few balls of lovely blue yarn. Maybe I’ll find something to suit that! Now.. where is that pattern book of mine…



Yup, I’m still working on my first piece of proper knitting, Anabelle’s ballerina cardigan. I had sick children for weeks now as well as an essay to send out and house viewers knocking all the time. Those are my excuses why I haven’t finished yet.

And maybe the fact that I’ve done the front wrong. See the picture?

And see the stringy bit? Well that’s not supposed to be on this side. It’s meant to be on the other side, so it can actually be used as a tie.

Oh well…. I’ve taken it all off now and am busy redoing again, because I may well be going over to Jo’s tomorrow to do a couple hours of knitting. And this time without the children.


Knit knit knit

My sister-in-law Jo is great at knitting. Her great grandmother taught her the basics when she was a little girl and she figured the rest out on her own. She’s made great little cardigans and jumpers and blankets for Max and Anabelle, so I thought… just the person to help me move on from my basic knowledge of knitting. And because she’s that sweet, she said ‘Sure thing!’.


So after breakfast today, we packed up. That is mostly Max packed up, because he had to take, his Spiderman suit, his Spiderman gun, his cross-bow and arrows, his Mitsubishi car and a book. Not that he played with any of it, as they were busy on the trampoline…. Never mind. I also had a little space in the bag for my knitting needles, some yarn and my Kids Knits book.

The funny thing is that I’m ever so excited about learning how to knit properly. As in, understanding the patterns and the jargon and knowing how to increase and decrease, etc. I just can’t wait to be able to make lovely hand made cardigans and jumpers and bits and pieces for the family.

My niece Rosie joined us too and she learned how to knit basic. So there we were, three girls, chatting away while busy with needles and yarn and eating cakes and muffins. Bliss…

Jo decided to do a tea-cozy.

And I was to try and make Anabelle her first ballerina cardigan. It actually went very well, until we measured it against Anabelle, and it’s about 2 or 3 sizes too big… Oh dear. So I’ll have to take it all off. But you know what? I don’t mind. Because I really liked doing it. And I loved being able to learn a few new things from Jo. There’s still plenty more to learn, so hopefully we’ll get to have another knitting-bee afternoons really soon. Until then, I will battle along on my own trying to make sense of pattern-talk.


Misty morning and a little mouse

You know how a lot of people associate fog and mist and rain with England? To be honest it’s not really true. We have lovely weather (sometimes)! In Kent we do anyways. But, yes, on occasion we do get the fog and the misty mornings. And you know what? I think it’s cool! There is a mystery to a misty morning. This was my morning view the other day and I couldn’t get enough of it! Well… I’m sure I’d have enough fairly quickly if it was like this every morning, but as it is, it isn’t every morning, so when it does mist over, I like to pretend it’s magical.

On another note. I said before that one of my weak points is boot sales. Love them! The hunt, the find the bargaining! Fabulous! The other weekend I went to a really really good one and look what I found:

I couldn’t resist her. A little old lady sold her. She hand made her of course. I thought Anabelle would love the little mouse (I was right) and I also thought of Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits! Julie makes adorable knitted animals like Miss Mouse here. She has a great blog going on there, that’s worth subscribing to.

That’s all for today folks!