Box of Frogs

Ian and I went out last night. Yes, we actually managed to go out for a couple of hours after the kids’ bedtime!! Yay for my mum!!!

We went to a local pub to see these guys. They’re called Box of Frogs and they’re very very good. Ok, I’m not just saying because the rock-chick in the pink is my sister-in-law Jo – remember? She’s my knitting buddy – but because they sound very good.

I want them to play at my 30th. (there’s a scary thought…)

Ian and I jigged about to music from Fleetwood Mac and Madness to Amy Winehouse and Razorlight and so much more. We had lots of fun!

This was the second time Ian saw them and he noticed a couple of groupies!! So who knows… Box of Frogs may well be the next BIG thing in Kent!

Mark Knopfler

Hands up who likes Mark Knopfler? Yes, he is great isn’t he? He has such mellow voice… you could listen to him for hours.

Now, hands up who had no idea who Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits were before you met your other half and was told to ‘get out of the car’ when admitted to not knowing who the ‘great band’ was on the first date?! Yes, yes, I’m in the later camp! (Obviously I didn’t get out of the car – and he didn’t mean it) My defence is that I’m a fare few years younger than Ian and back then at 19 I was more into Linkin Park than Dire Straits.
I still like rock… but I have mellowed down along with Mark Knopfler’s voice.

We went to see Mark’s London and Budapest concerts. (Oh no… one wasn’t enough…)

He was brilliant. In fact him aaand his band were brilliant. There was a whole lot of talent packed up on that stage! And besides the great music, the lovely thing was, that you could see how much these guys enjoyed playing music and working together.

I know there are some great bands out there.. but I keep wondering.. is Mark Knopfler one of the few of the last great musicians today?