Getting there

The Studio is coming along nicely. There’s still so much to organise though. I need to get lots of things and I need to paint lots of furniture before it is the way I would like it to be, but it certainly is getting there!!

I thought I’d show you what happened to the taped down wall

I was almost sorry to have to put the shelf on the wall and hide my lovely stripes! After I finished with it, I couldn’t stop smiling every time I went into the Studio. It’s sort of a cross between a circus and candy cane, don’t you think? The other side of the room is painted completely in the blue and the two ends of the room are painted in the Timeless White I used for the white stripes. Next on the list is the brown table on the picture and the chair.

I’ve painted the sewing/pattern/useful table but while the turquoise is a nice colour, I was too impatient with the drying time and didn’t wait long enough between the red base coat and the top turquoise, which means I can’t expose the red… Still, it’s better than it was before and I might paint it again. However, my darling husband helped me with raising the top of the table, so it is now at a perfect hight and my amazingly clever friend Jocelyn was ever so sweet and helped me cover it with interlining and a nice piece of fabric so I can now do this:

The table top is now thick enough that I can stick pins in it, and it doesn’t slide, so the fabric stays put. Good stuff!

Do you recognise the fabric? I think my friend Sarah might, as I used it when I made this cat for her beautiful little girl Zoe. This time though, I’m making a dress for Anabelle:

View 1. Should be sweet.

Well, it’s getting there! And look at that, you can even see the table and my inspiration board! That’s still a bit empty, but I’m working on it!! Can you believe I picked it up at a Boot Sale for £2? Bargain. I miss my Boot Sales.

Well, to finish the post off, I’ll include a few pictures of these wonderful Red Kites our friends and us saw recently at a feeding station. My wild life photography isn’t very good, so excuse the blurriness please!


Oreo Pops

Here’s something super yummy!:

Oreo Pops!!

A little while ago I ordered some plastic (reusable!!!) lollypop sticks and some candy melt with the intention of making cake pops Bakerella style!

Well, with absolutely no time on my hands and two children demanding dessert, I quickly popped some Oreos at the end of a few sticks, melted the candy melt, dipped the Oreos and sprinkled with some cake decoration. Et Voila!

It went down really well!

On another note: I found this table at the junk auction the other week. This will be my perfect sewing table.

That’s Ian helping me out with sanding the old paint off. Thank you honey!

I was inspired by my friend, Jocelyn’s sewing table and have decided to paint the table turquoise with a deep red under coat. Somehow I doubt it will look as fabulous as hers, but it will definitely look better than its old state.

Yes… umm… whooooops!!! Well, honestly how well did the paint-mixing-woman put that lid on? Surely it shouldn’t have come flying off at the first little knock over!

(and no… I didn’t dip the Oreos in the paint instead of the melt!)

Just to finish off the post, here’s a little sneaky peak at my studio going through its transformation:

oooooooh, what will this be??

A Cricket Book

Isn’t it beautiful?

It was one of my Christmas presents from my dad. He knows me too well! I adore old children’s books, especially ones with beautiful illustrations, like this one here. It’s called Tucsok Toni, which translates to Tony Cricket. It’s written by Hungarian author, Maroti Lajos and the illustration is by Gozon Lajos.

The story is written in verse and is about this cricket that plays the violin beautifully then is taken away by a fairy princess, where he becomes a different cricket. No longer his old self, he cannot play the violin as beautiful anymore and is sent away from the palace, only to be found by one of his enemies who almost kills him. He’s then found by his family and his fiancee who nurse him better and encourage him to play his music again.

It’s a lovely book.

I find pictures like these so inspiring. They just take you away to another world!

I would just love to be able to sit down one day and just paint something like this. That would be fab. But I think I need an awful lot of practice before I come even close to Gozon Lajos’s level of talent.

Still, I can’t wait to have my own little studio and start trying.


The paint brush and I aren’t inseparable friends. We do call on each other like acquaintances on occasion though. One such occasion was my first year in the UK. We lived in a little town in Kent, I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t have a car, my (then) fiancee was away from home an awful lot of the time due to work and my only entertainment was watching Footballers’ Wives (yes, really…) while eating a whole giant packet of Malteasers (yes, really…).

So I got bored. And I bought a canvas. And I bought some paint. And I bought a brush. Two brushes. I also found an occasion for which I wanted the painting for. Ian’s birthday. Perfect!

I thought and thought what to paint, when I remembered once he showed me Dire Straits’ Alchemy record cover. He always thought it was very cool and he loved the fact he could always find new things on the picture. I liked the picture too, very much.

This was all meant to be a surprise, so I used to hide the canvas under our bed when he came home. I’m surprised he never smelled the paint!! But, he didn’t.

(Please excuse the quality of the photo and the flash in the middle!! – I would have taken a nicer photo, but the picture is in storage and the camera is still with Ian – This is an old photo I took ages ago)

He loved it! Still loves it in fact, and I was really pleased with it too. The original was painted by an Australian painter, Brett Whiteley. Scroll down on the page linked to find the original.

Here are a few details:

See, what Ian meant? There’s just so much to look at!! There are little hidden things everywhere.

There’s lots that I’ve changed on the original. Actually, I should say, ‘the painting is my representation of how I saw it through our lives…’ But really, I did include a whole bunch of things that is us and it made Alchemy us.