My friend Andi and I make each other’s Christmas pressies. It cannot be just bought, it HAS to be made!

Last year she made me a lovely wooden storage box and a bottle of rose hip juice. I made her a recipe book with my favourite made up recipes.

This year this is what she got from me:

I wasn’t sure if I should turn the cut around after I finished with it, so it would be all white, or leave my sketch visible. I thought it might be quite nice to follow the process within the picture, so I left the pencil lines in.

Ok, so it’s not perfect, but not too bad for my second try! And to be honest, I think the design is lovely. The flower is a Hungarian motif. I have a book with lots of folky Hungarian flowers, that give me ideas…

Paper cutting

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Elsa Mora’s main blog. She is a very lovely and terribly inspiring woman! She has five blogs all of which I visit regularly. If you haven’t wondered over yet, I think you should. Her dolls are fantastic and her paper cutting is just beautiful. Elsita has a really unique style that reflects on all her work and her wardrobe!! 🙂

Because of her paper cutting I thought I’d attempt something myself. Obviously it was quite inspired by her work, but my little first piece is nowhere near as beautiful. But you know what? I loved making it! It’s so therapeutic and fantastically fiddly!

I’ll soon be working on another one and I’ll post about it too after xmas. It’s going to be a pressie.

xx for now.