A bit of interior

What is happening to our summer weather??! Can you believe it, but I actually had to put the heating on yesterday for the WHOLE day! And it’s June!

As I type this in my kitchen, I’m wearing long trousers and a long sleeve top and I’m seriously considering a wooly cardigan. Not ideal, but hey, it could be worse.

With the weather being what it is, I have a little more time for making the inside of the house pretty.

This is our entrance hall. The beautiful mirror was a gift from Ian to me for Christmas two years ago. The little table I found in an antique shop the other week. It’s still waiting to be distressed a little bit, but it’s lovely as it is too, really.

I’m hoping to tackle the back door hall soon too as it’s a real mess, but for that I’d like to have a nice organiser for the wall something like these would do very nicely:

(all sourced from Pinterest. To find original pictures, click through my Pinterest board pictures)

I went to the junk auction place two weeks ago and found a really cool kitchen dresser top, that would have converted very nicely into one of these organisers. Ian didn’t see how, but I thought it had potential. So I bid. And so I lost!! Agh…! Never mind, there’ll be others, I’m sure. I hope. Until then, it’s shoes and coats galore at the back door!

Pretty package

This year Ian bought Jo, one of my sister-in-law’s birthday present. It was a chain bottle holder. Don’t ask. Not pretty.

Jo was very gracious about receiving it though! They said it’s a ‘talking point’. Indeed it is. I don’t think in a ‘wow look at that it’s fabulous’ way, but never the less he tried and thought about his sister, which is nice.

Still, I thought I’d try to ‘pretty the present up’ a bit and wrapped it as nicely as I could with the few things I had lying about at home.

Amazing what a bit of tissue paper, a dolly, ribbon and a button can do to a box of chain…


A bit of pre-Easter inspiration

Because we’re moving and I’m a bit stressed about it all – whether it will really happen or not.. – I don’t really feel  like dressing this house up for Easter. I’d definitely be all over it at our  new home, but I’m just not inspired here. I still love our little house here, after all it was our first home together, but when it’s time to move on, you just want to move on.

Anyways, I thought I’d share this link for a napkin bunny tutorial for those of you who are doing Easter-y stuff around the house. How adorable is the polka dot fabric napkin?? I’ll definitely pin it for next Easter!


What’s taking so long?

We’re getting closer to our move. At least I hope so! Weeks have passed now and apparently, when Ian checked online, a lot of the solicitor’s boxes still haven’t been ticked. Honestly. What on earth could take so long? Surely they have templates for these contracts. Surely all they have to do is fill in the bit that says : NAME and ADDRESS and £.


We haven’t even had a survey on our house. The existing house that is. We’ve had it done on our (hopefully…!!) future house and it’s all good. Yay! That’s a relief.

But still for now all I can do is go to bed every night dreaming of the new house and dream-designing the interior.

The kitchen isn’t very big, but it’s cute. However, when I win Lotto, I’ll have it rebuilt to one of these babies:

(Hover over the images to see where I got them from)

Aren’t they divine? My heart flutters every time I look at gorgeous kitchens like these.

If you’d like to see more go onto my Pinterest site.

I’ll leave you with a tower of Raspberry Cupcakes I made the other day with Max.

Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty, they were so tasty!

I feel like I’ve gone up a whole size in clothes as a result, but hey… they were really good!

How Pinteresting!

I’ve just added a new link on my side bar. It links to my Pinterest site, where I pin photos of lovely things.

Have you ever scrapbooked? You know when you cut out pictures of magazines and stuck them in an empty book because you wanted to keep them for future ideas? Or have you got folders of pictures you’ve saved off the net on your computer? Well, that’s what Pinterest is basically about, but makes everything so simple. You browse the net, you find a lovely picture and you can instantly pin it to your previously customised board. Great stuff.

And that sounded like a sales pitch.

No, it’s a fantastic place, but beware, it is highly addictive!! I just love browsing through people’s boards and finding inspiration from the beautiful photos they’ve found.

Pictures like these:

Aren’t they nice to look at?

I love it.