A bit of interior

What is happening to our summer weather??! Can you believe it, but I actually had to put the heating on yesterday for the WHOLE day! And it’s June!

As I type this in my kitchen, I’m wearing long trousers and a long sleeve top and I’m seriously considering a wooly cardigan. Not ideal, but hey, it could be worse.

With the weather being what it is, I have a little more time for making the inside of the house pretty.

This is our entrance hall. The beautiful mirror was a gift from Ian to me for Christmas two years ago. The little table I found in an antique shop the other week. It’s still waiting to be distressed a little bit, but it’s lovely as it is too, really.

I’m hoping to tackle the back door hall soon too as it’s a real mess, but for that I’d like to have a nice organiser for the wall something like these would do very nicely:

(all sourced from Pinterest. To find original pictures, click through my Pinterest board pictures)

I went to the junk auction place two weeks ago and found a really cool kitchen dresser top, that would have converted very nicely into one of these organisers. Ian didn’t see how, but I thought it had potential. So I bid. And so I lost!! Agh…! Never mind, there’ll be others, I’m sure. I hope. Until then, it’s shoes and coats galore at the back door!



Busy, busy, busy…!

My sister-in-law Jo is coming to visit us with her family this week and I really really want to finish painting the outside furniture so we can eat outside!

I found these babies in an antiques’ shop. Don’t they just scream SHABBY CHIC?

So not in good condition at all, but what’s the sanding machine and the paint brush for, ey?

Ok, so lots of sanding and lots of paint…

And while I’m at it… I found this table at a local junk auction…

It looked very sad sitting outside in the rain, legless, paintless, loveless. So I picked it up, for … wait for it… £6!!! Bargain!!! I mean, it’s wood and it sits at least 8 people! Ok, so it might not look fab at the moment, but just you wait till I’m finished with it! (at least I hope it will look fab once I’m finished with it…)

We’ve also got a king sized bed that we bought ages and ages ago and surely we must have been blind not to see how ghastly its colour is. I mean just look at this orange!!

But never fear! Apple-mint-white is aching to hug the wood all around before getting access to our bedroom!